Az állatvédelemhez Te is kellesz! 

Welcome to the page of F.A.M. Foundation!

You can find useful information here regarding adoption, fostering, giving a helping hand, and everything else regarding animal welfare! We aim to speak generally about the subject, since aniamls in need of help are not all under the care of F.A.M. Foundation. It does not matter where you adopt from, what matters is that you are helping an orphan, and one less animal will stay on the streets, which already makes the world a happier place.


Did you know, that a teddy bear and a warm home are an immeasurable help? The chances of orphaned puppies finding a forever home increase greatly if they can get a foster family first. Not only are we looking for a safe place for them, but a place where they can start getting used to being in a family. An advantage of fostering before adopting is that prospective owners can try out what its like to have a puppy, which can aid them in making a responsible decision.


Purebred or mixed, black or white, large or small, kind or naughty? Dogs have the biggest heart and the purest soul in the universe. According to the 2019 surveys, MORE THAN 300 THOUSAND DOGS ARE HOMELESS IN HUNGARY. We also need YOU to reduce this number. If you’re looking for a family member, a faithful companion, an eternal friend in a little soft body with a deep and glittering look in their eyes, then adopt! Don’t shop!

Join our team!

We would like to use the power of community to radically improve the domestic animal keeping culture, therefore every little help comes in handy. Be it civilians or organizations, we are in great need of everyone! Even if you just share one of our social media posts, support us with 1,000 HUF on a monthly basis, or even just sharing the same point of view on the subject can help.

How you can support us

Without you, nothing would be possible! You are the bridge between a lost puppy and a happy ending, help us keep them safe! Whether it’s donations of any kind, paying for veterinary expenses, helping with transportation, we really need you! If you don’t have the opportunity to foster or adopted, you can also support us in many other ways.



Travelling with pets: dogs, cats and ferrets

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About us

Two ordinary people brought together based on their common views on animal welfare and their love for animals. This section should not be about us, as founders of the foundation. When we say “About Us,” it is us, you, them, they…

This is only the beginning of the story, and as long as there is a homeless animal on the street, it cannot end.

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