Az állatvédelemhez Te is kellesz! 

Adoption process

As a foundation without a property, we only work with fosters. If you apply to us, it is important to specify which puppy you are applying for, so that we can help you (of course, if you don’t have an idea yet, we are happy to recommend puppies).


  1.  Whether you apply as a foster or an adopter, WRITE AN INTRODUCTION! We are interested in topics that concern the future of your dog. (You can send us your introduction through Facebook direct message.)


  1. If everything is in order, WE ORGANIZE A MEETING with the foster (if you apply as a foster in the first round, we will organize the transport of the puppy).


  1. (Please let us know if we have not previously sent you a sample contract so that we can send it!)


  1. If you and the puppy sympathise with each other, then it is a matter of discussion, but normally you can take the puppy with you right away after signing the contract. (If you decide to foster first, then you will have 2-3 weeks to make a decision about whether or not you would like to adopt the puppy. We will write a contract from the point when the chip was inserted into the dog.)


  1. We will stay in touch with you after the adoption as well. If you have any questions or concerns about certain behaviours your dog portrays, you can always contact us for assistance.


We are not against keeping dogs outside, but our puppies live inside with their foster families, they are not used to being outside. However, we are connected with many shelters, from which we are happy to help you bring out a dog that is used to being outside.

Before you apply

Think it through

– Think it through carefully, after all, a dog is a responsibility of 10-15 years (starting with fostering is a bit more responsible if you are indecisive).

Apply on your own behalf

– Don’t apply for a puppy in someone else’s name, we always only want to talk to the person who will adopt the puppy, boyfriend/ girlfriend/ mom/ dad/ brother don’t count.

Temporary foster

– If the dog can’t stay for some reason, we can’t take it back right away, so you have to take care of it until another family would like to adopt it, or if another foster applies for your dog!


– We do not have an adoption fee, we maintain the operation of the foundation from our own salary and donations, but we ask for the cost of vaccinations and the chip to be refunded. However, if an accident or illness occurs, the foundation will take care of the costs, this is not the responsibility of the foster before adoption – so all our dogs it starts with an equal chance!

(You can support us here:  Fogd A Mancsom Alapítvány, Erste Bank, 11600006-00000000-97875585)

Getting used to each other

– If you plan to adopt next to another animal, them getting used to each other will not only take a few days, but rather a few months, we will give you all the help you may need, but we cannot solve this for you.

Treat your dog appropriately

– There is no ready dog! In all cases – whether we are talking about a puppy or an adult dog – a dog must be dealt with, trained and treated in the most appropriate way.

Additional expenses

– A dog carries a lot of costs: a vaccination program (calculated in Budapest prices) is 40-50 thousand forints. Curing giardia disease (which your dog can catch anywhere) is around 30 thousand forints. Curing parvo disease is 120-130 thousand forints. Anything can happen (just like with kids), so make sure you factor in these costs. In addition, food, bed, toys, leash, dog school, etc. are also all extra costs.

Adoptions mainly take place in Budapest

– Adoptions mainly take place in Budapest, but not only to Budapest! Our rescues come from Nógrád, Borsod and Szabolcs counties, but we don’t make any distinctions, no matter where they come from, we’ll do everything for them!

we are not able to transport dogs

– If you are adopting then we are not able to help you with transportation, you have to be able to arrange your transport to Budapest to pick up the dog.

They only move with a chip

– Our rescues can only move to their adopters with a chip, so it doesn’t matter how many vaccines they have (this may depend on how long they have been at their fosters’), but that they must have a chip in them so that we can check whether the dog has received all of the necessary vaccines.

We help you!

– We provide our fosters/adopters with thorough instructions and help them until the end of the dog’s life, but it is important that they take full responsibility for their dog and take care of their needs

Age limit

– Only people above the age of 18 are able to adopt from us.

Over 60 years of age

– For people over 60 years of age, we offer older dogs, as we fully examine the consequences of our decisions, but in any case, we would like to avoid the dog losing its owner prematurely.

We reserve the right to choose the adopters

– We reserve the right to choose the adopters, not because we are picky, but we simply don’t rescue them so that they end up in the same situation again.

Be patient!

– Be patient with us, we run the foundation alongside work, we try to be patient, but unfortunately, we are often tired, sleepless, and tense.

Feel free to find us!

– Since this is not an assembly line job, we do not deal with cases in the order of arrival, since organizing an adoption appointment does not have the same priority as a dog on the street/in an accident/at risk, or a transport arriving with many dogs. (Don’t feel like you are annoying if you contact us more than once, sometimes reminders come in handy.)

Candidate owner

– We do not make applicants compete, there is only one owner candidate for a puppy at a time, if there are many good applicants and several suitable families are waiting for a puppy, we have to make a decision based on something, and unfortunately this is the chronological order.


– We try to offer everyone an alternative to a specific dog, we cooperate with several lawn farms and shelters for the sake of dogs.

We are here for the dogs!

– We won’t be angry if you adopt from somewhere else. It doesn’t matter to us where you adopt from, what matters is that one less puppy will stay on the streets!

Foreign adoptions

– We are not able to provide a place for most of our dogs for 3 months (unfortunately, there are a lot of puppies waiting for their place at a foster family), until the passport is prepared and the vaccination program is completed. It is only possible, if the adopter can solve their temporary placement, until all of the paperwork is done and the dog is fully vaccinated.

Once the dog is ready to move, we can help in finding a transportation company, if necessary. However, the transportation fees must be paid for by the adopter.