Az állatvédelemhez Te is kellesz! 

Join our team

It often happens that a dog is in another city, and not where its foster family is located. In such cases, our transportation team is of tremendous help for us, but it may happen, that no one is available. Therefore, it is always a great pleasure for us when someone would like to join their team! If necessary, we will help with fuel costs, provide transport boxes, used blankets, and anything else that may be needed during a transport.

We always need online volunteers, but what exactly does this mean? The task of our online volunteers is to share our Facebook posts in as many dog adoption groups as possible. We have a list of Facebook groups that volunteers must join and share the posts to all groups. This takes our volunteers 10-15 minutes per post, and provides the dog with a straight path to a better life!

If you would like to join our online volunteers, our transportation or foster team, please write an introduction to us through Facebook!